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Bike Lubes / Cleaners / Brushes

 Weldtite - Dirtwash 3 Pack Bike / Cycle Cleaning Brush Set - Free Delivery
WELDTITE CLEANING BRUSH SET - 3 PACK   These bike specific brushes will help you get into all those awkward areas of your frame and driv..
 Weldtite - Dirtwash Bike / Cycle Chain Citrus Degreaser Spray 250ml - Free Delivery
WELDTITE CHAIN DEGREASER 250ml SPRAY     Citrus degreaser intended for cleaning and degreasing bike..
 Weldtite - Dirtwash Bike / Cycle Chain Cleaning Machine With Degreaser - Free Delivery
WELDTITE CHAIN CLEANING MACHINE WITH DEGREASER     Dirtwash Chain Cleaning Machine   Chain driven degreasing machine with four-..
 Weldtite - Dirtwash Bike / Cycle Cleaner 1 LITRE TRIGGER SPRAY BOTTLE - Free Delivery
WELDTITE DIRTWASH TRIGGER SPRAY BIKE CLEANER - 1 LITRE BOTTLE     Spray the whole bike with Dirtwash to bring a sparkle back to the pai..
 Weldtite TF2 Ceramic Lube 100ml - Free Delivery
WELDTITE TF2 CERAMIC LUBRICANT (100ml)     All weather lubricant with Ceramic technology to improve gear shifting performance whilst re..
 Weldtite TF2 Cycle Oil 125ml - Free Delivery
WELDTITE TF2 CYCLE OIL 125ML   Hydro-carbon mineral oil for use on bearings, cables, pedals, chains and links.   Light oil with low te..
 Weldtite TF2 Dry Lube With Teflon Lube 125ml - Free Delivery
WELDTITE TF2-PLUS DRY LUBRICANT 125ML   Teflon® Surface Protector based dry lubricant formulated for cha..
 Weldtite TF2 Extreme Wet Lube 125ml - Free Delivery
WELDTITE TF2 EXTREME WET LUBRICANT - 125ML   Extremely durable wet type lubricant for chain/gear systems   Long lasting High perfor..
 Weldtite TF2 Performance All-Weather Lube 100ml - Free Delivery
WELDTITE TF2 PERFORMANCE ALL-WEATHER LUBRICANT 100ML   Performance all weather Teflon® Surface Protector based lubricant.   Enhanced p..
 Weldtite TF2 Ultimate Lubricant Spray 400ml - Free Delivery
WELDTITE TF2 ULTIMATE AEROSOL SPRAY WITH TEFLON 400ML        The No.1 worldwide best selling Teflon® surface protector spray in a ..
WD40 250ml Smart Straw Multi Purpose Maintenance Spray
WD40 250ML SMART STRAW Lubricates WD-40 lubricating ingredients are widely dispersed and hold firmly to all moving parts. Protects WD-40 prote..
WD40 250ml Specialist Fast Release Penetrant
  WD40 FAST RELEASE PENETRANT This powerful fast acting solution, quickly penetrates its way into hard to reach areas, rapidly loosen seized fix..
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